Windows Mobile App: Mobile Registry Editor 1.1

By | April 4, 2009

[download id=”8″ format=”2″]

I just used this utility to edit the registry on my smartphone.  It is a stand-alone executable for Windows, no installation required.  Highly recommended.  Here is a summary of Mobile Registry Editor 1.1:

Mobile Registry Editor is an application that can be used to edit the registry of your Pocket PC or Smartphone (Windows Mobile device).  With it you can remotely edit the registry using your desktop keyboard and mouse as opposed to using your stylus/keypad on your PDA or phone.  It’s built as a Windows application which has been modeled after regedit (with a few extra features such as favorites, value size, column sorting etc.).  It has been tested with Pocket PC and Smartphone on Windows XP/2000 and requires the .NET Framework 1.1 to run.


  • Create keys/values
  • Delete keys/values
  • Rename value (thanks Pavel)
  • Copy Key Name
  • Restart ActiveSync (Tools -> Restart ActiveSync)

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