Windows Live Writer Appears to Hang While Downloading Blog Editing Theme

By | February 19, 2015

Windows Live WriterI have tried just about every online WordPress editors and I keep coming back to Windows Live Writer 2012. I’m actually surprised that it works on Windows 8.1. I actually have also used it on Windows 10. I will continue to use tools like TinyMCE in a pinch, but if I can help it. I’m back to Live Writer.

So I installed Live Writer on a fresh Windows 8.1 installation (upgraded to an Asus Maximus Hero VII motherboard). After installation, Live Writer asks what type of blogging service that I use. I told Live Writer that I was working on a WordPress-based blog. After providing a URL, username, and password, Live Writer begins to analyze the blog, looking at categories and tags and the current theme being used. It then attempts to send a temporary post to the blog (it asks me if it’s OK first), which helps Live Writer detect the active theme. win1

After that is complete, Live Writer attempts to download the active theme so when I’m editing a post it will look like it does when published (probably the main reason that I use Live Writer.


This process should only take a matter of seconds to complete, but minutes went by. It appeared to be hung.  I cancelled the process and started over.  I closed Live Writer and restarted the process.  Same result.  I restarted Windows and attempted to download the theme again. No luck. Then I remembered that WordPress plugins can interfere with things like this, so I browsed to my WordPress dashboard and turned off the WP Super Cache plugin.


Immediately the Live Writer theme download completed.


All I had to do them was click the finish button, turn WP Super Cache back on, and publish this post to help the next Live Writer blogger.

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