Trimble Planning Software v2.8 is Available

By | February 25, 2009


You already knew this, right?  According to Trimble’s web site, version 2.8 of the Planning Software was posted in July 2008.  I was still running version 2.7.  If you aren’t familiar with Planning Software by Trimble, in a nutshell it is software that helps you identify when you will have the greatest opportunity for a successful GPS data collection mission (read lowest DOPs) based on your study site location and local conditions.  Below is a summary of features:

Trimble’s Planning software is a powerful stand-alone software tool supporting any form of analysis to determine visibility for GPS, GLONASS, IGSO and geostationary satellites.

Some of the features include:

Station location:
Pick your location from a list of cities from all over the world, select your location from the world map or type in your local WGS84 position to do more precise mission planning. Add obstructions to your site to determine the best times for GPS observation.

Multi station planning:
Put in multiple station locations to determine the best time to observe these stations simultaneously.

Sky Plots:
Get detailed sky plots (including obstructions) of your site for any time of the day to aid in determining the best available occupation times.

DOP charts:
Chart out the different DOP values by time.

Visible satellites:
Get a quick overview on the number of satellites available for your site, for any time of the day.

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