Tool Tips Do Not Display in SAS Web Report Studio

By | May 16, 2017

A developer came to me wondering what was changed on our SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Server platform because reports he created in Web ReportStudio 4.4 were no longer displaying tool tips when he hovered over data points in graphs. I hadn’t made any changes to the environment, so I opened Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and verified that tool tips were were not displaying onmouseover. After a quick Google search, I ran across SAS Usage Note 58613, which stated: “In SAS Web Report Studio, graphs might not display tooltips, or they might display tooltips for some segments but not others. This problem can occur if your browser zoom level is not exactly 100%.” I went back to Internet Explorer, clicked the View Menu, and chose Zoom. I noticed that my zoom level was 95%, so I adjusted it back to 100%. My graphs magically displayed tool tips again!mouseover in WRS

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