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Errors When Using Page X of Y in SAS ODS pdf Statements

By | March 13, 2015

I ran across a familiar error this week, so I figured I might as well finally document it on this blog. My organization primarily uses Lexmark printers, and print drivers are included in the standard PC image. Apparently the drivers installed on the standard image are not considered “valid printer drivers” by SAS, because we… Read More »

Clearing a Print Queue Backlog in AIX

By | February 13, 2015

We have a z/OS application that streams data down to our AIX-based POWER7 server. On the server, we have a SAS application that turns the stream into a PDF document and sends the PDF to a printer which is specified by the user on the z/OS application. Many of the printers that are assigned to… Read More »

SAS ODS: {thispage} and {lastpage} and PDF Output

By | February 26, 2013

When developing new reports, we typically give the end users a choice of output formats to choose from.  The SAS Output Delivery System (ODS) provides a versatile framework to transform the results of SAS procedures into consistent, high quality reports in formats that are widely used by information consumers: HTML (HyperText Markup Language), PDF (Portable… Read More »