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SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1 Output

By | February 19, 2009

I’m currently attending Querying and Reporting Using SAS Enterprise Guide training at the SAS office in Austin, TX.  I’m a veteran at using Enterprise Guide, but SAS has great training courses and you always pick up a lot of worthwhile information when you are lucky enough to attend.  One tidbit that was covered yesterday that… Read More »

How to determine which hot fix has been applied to SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1

By | February 12, 2009

When using a Microsoft product, I’m used to mousing to the Help menu and choosing About… to find out which updates or service packs have been applied.  I haven’t been as accustomed to doing the same thing with SAS software because the updates are  applied manually, and I usually remember the last update I performed. … Read More »