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20-Foot South Central United States Topographic Data for Garmin GPS

By | February 24, 2009

John M. has created maps suitable for Garmin GPS units and posted them at GPSFileDepot.  The extent of the area includes all of New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, parts of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Missouri.  Features include: Roads – Interstates, highways, arterial roads, residential roads, limited unpaved roads Railroads High resolution water data – lakes, rivers, streams,… Read More »


By | July 16, 2008

HydroSHEDS (Hydrological data and maps based on SHuttle Elevation Derivatives at multiple Scales) provides hydrographic information in a consistent and comprehensive format for regional and global-scale applications. HydroSHEDS offers a suite of geo-referenced data sets (vector and raster), including stream networks, watershed boundaries, drainage directions, and ancillary data layers such as flow accumulations, distances, and river topology information. HydroSHEDS… Read More »