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DNRGarmin Compatibility with ESRI ArcGIS 10

By | April 27, 2011

from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources: The current version of DNRGarmin (5.4.1)  is not entirely compatible with ArcGIS 10. That is, the toolbar will show up in ArcMap 10 and it will launch the DNRGarmin application but DNRGarmin does not recognize that ArcMap is open. We have not yet begun programming the new version.… Read More »

DNRGarmin GPS 5.4.1

By | February 1, 2009

[download id=”1″ format=”2″] From the Minnesota DNR web site: This extension was built to provide users the ability to directly transfer data between Garmin GPS handheld receivers and various GIS software packages. Using this program a user can use point features (graphics or shapefile) and upload them to the GPS as Waypoints. Line and Polygon… Read More »

Batch Define Projection

By | January 23, 2009

Download Batch Define Projection Here from arcscripts.esri.com: This Python (v2.1) script will add or replace projection information for the all feature classes/shapefiles a user-specified directory based on the projection of a specified feature class/shapefile. This was possible in ArcGIS Desktop 8.3 and ArcView 3.x, but cannot be done out-of-the-box with ArcGIS Desktop 9.0. The download… Read More »

Hawth’s Analysis Tools 3.27

By | August 30, 2008

[download id=”15″ format=”2″] From SpatialEcology.com: Hawth’s Analysis Tools is an extension for ESRI’s ArcGIS (specifically ArcMap). It is designed to perform spatial analysis and functions that cannot be conveniently accomplished with out-of-the-box ArcGIS. Most of these analysis tools have been written within the context of the ecological applications I am involved in (movement analysis, resource… Read More »