SAS OLAP Server Names

By | October 5, 2009

saslogo SAS OLAP Server names for cubes, dimensions, hierarchies, measures, and member properties follow these general rules:

  • can be up to 32 characters in length
  • can contain embedded blanks

If the name has embedded blanks or characters other than letters of the Latin alphabet, numbers, or underscores, then PROC OLAP formats the name as a name literal, which means that it is enclosed within quotation marks followed by the letter n. (Name literals enable you to use special characters or blanks that are not otherwise allowed in SAS names.) Here are some examples:


DIMENSION ‘Product@Work Dimension’n hierarchies=(Product@Work Hierarchy’n)

HIERARCHY ‘Product@Work Hierarchy’n levels=(prodtype product)

  • can contain mixed-case letters

SAS stores and writes the variable name in the same case that is used in the first reference to the variable. However, when SAS processes a variable name, SAS internally converts it to uppercase. You cannot, therefore, use the same variable name with a different combination of uppercase and lowercase letters to represent different variables. For example, cat, Cat, and CAT all represent the same variable.

  • do not contain periods (.)

These guidelines assume that the SAS Workspace Server is running with the VALIDVARNAME= system option set to ANY. If the SAS Workspace Server is not running with VALIDVARNAME=ANY, then you can either add code on the Submit SAS Code tab in the Advanced Options dialog box to set the option, or you can modify your names to meet the naming requirements that the server is running with. For more information about the VALIDVARNAME= option, see "VALIDVARNAME= System Option" in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary.

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