SAS Framework Data Server

By | March 7, 2013

SASComparing my SAS 9.2 and 9.3 Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) environments, a notable difference between daemons started by the sas.servers script was identified.  In 9.2, we had a SAS Table Server daemon.  It was not available in our 9.1.3 EBI installation, and was released in the 9.2 version.  Apparently SAS removed it from the 9.3 architecture, but a new daemon, the SAS Framework Data Server, was introduced in its place.  There is scant documentation available on about utilizing or administering the Framework Data Server.

What is SAS Table Server?

from the SAS 9.2 Table Server Administrator’s Guide

The SAS Table Server is a data server that provides scalable, threaded, multi-user, and standards-based data access technology in order to process and seamlessly integrate data from multiple data sources. The server acts as a hub that provides clients with data by accessing, managing, and sharing SAS data as well as several third-party relational databases.

What is SAS Framework Data Server?

from the SAS 9.3 Intelligence Platform Middle-Tier Administration Guide

The SAS Framework Data Server is a database server that is the default location for middle-tier data such as alerts, comments, and workflows, as well as data for the SAS Content Server and SAS Service Parts Optimization. The server is provided as an alternative to using a third-party DBMS. The server cannot be used as a general-purpose data store.

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