Report Events in the SAS Key User Action Log

By | July 2, 2010

saslogofrom the SAS 9.2 Intelligence Platform Web Application Administration Guide,
Third Edition, located at:

The information in the Key User Action Log can be imported into SAS data sets and presented in reports. To report the data, follow these steps:

  1. Import the WebReportStudio_KeyActions.log data into a SAS data set. Here are the main steps:
    1. Assign a libref to an XML file that contains log data, and specify the XML engine.  In the following example, MyFile.xml is a copy of a Key User Action Log file:
      libname myxml xml ’C:\My Files\XML\MyFile.xml’;
    2. Use the SAS data sets procedure to import the XML file into a SAS data set.
      Here is an example:
      proc data sets library=myxml;
      This code creates a data set named EVENT in the MYXML library.
      For more information, see SAS online Help and documentation.
  2. In SAS Information Map Studio, create an information map based on the data set that you created in the preceding step. For the information map, you might want to provide the ability to filter based on the event code (<code> tag), the user name (<user> tag), the report name (<report> tag), or the date (<date> tag). For information about using SAS Information Map Studio, see the product Help.
  3. 3 In SAS Web Report Studio, define a report based on the information map that you created in the previous step. You can define the report to be refreshed manually, and then schedule the report to run at regular intervals.

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