Remove a WebSphere Application Server Profile on AIX

By | February 24, 2015

WebSphere Application ServerThere may be times when you need to remove a WebSphere deployment manager, node, or application server profile. I have successfully used the following steps in versions 7 and 8 of WebSphere.

  • Stop the deployment managers, nodes, or application servers that are associated with the profile that you want to remove
  • List all profiles on a server:
    [was_install_dir]/bin/ –listProfiles
  • Remove a WebSphere Application Server profile:
    [was_install_dir]/bin/ –delete –profileName profile
  • Ensure that references to the deleted profile are removed from the profile registry:
    [was_install_dir]/bin/ –validateAndUpdateRegistry
  • Delete the profile directory tree (if it was not deleted by the previous action):
    [was_install_dir]/profiles/rm -r profile

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