Reconfigure the SAS Environment Manager Agent to Point to a Different Host

By | May 20, 2017

SASIn the configuration phase of a SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) Platform deployment, the Deployment Wizard prompts the installer for the host name of the Environment Manager Server. This value is used by the Environment Manager Agent as the recipient of all of the data that it collects. The Environment Manager Server resides on the middle (web) tier of a SAS deployment.  In multi-tier environments, the metadata, compute, and web tiers all have Environment Manager Agents deployed to them.

It is possible to provide an incorrect host name to the Deployment Wizard, and if that happens, you will quickly notice that no resources are available in the Environment Manager. In this case, the Environment Manager Agent configuration needs to be updated to reflect the correct location of the Environment Manager Server. The configuration file that specifies this information is located at


in a SAS 9.4M4 UNIX deployment. In the file there is a property called agent.setup.camIP that is used to define the SAS Environment Manager Server to the agent.  The agent.setup.camIP should equal the middle tier’s hostname and can be changed manually. After the agent.setup.camIP value is updated with the correct host name, save the edits and restart the agent and resources should begin appearing in the Environment Manager in five minutes or so. This technique would also be used if the host name of the middle tier is changed.

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