Make Your AMD-Based Video Card Fill Your Flat Panel Display When Using a HDMI Cable

By | March 10, 2013

AMD Radeon GraphicsI have been building my own PCs at home for the last twenty years.  My current system includes an XFX CORE Edition HD7850 video card and an Asus VE276Q 27-Inch LCD Monitor.  I recently decided to switch the DVI cable, which I have used for years, for a HDMI cable.  The switch was easy enough; all I had to do was replace the cable, then tell the Asus flat panel that I wanted to display output from the HDMI cable.  I noticed however, that even though this is a 1080p monitor and the 7850 can easily output 1080p, that the Windows desktop did not extend to the edges of the screen.  Everything looked correct in the ATI Catalyst Control Center – all components were running at 1080p.  So why wasn’t Windows utilizing the whole Screen?

It wasn’t a Windows issue.  There is a setting in the ATI Catalyst Control Center that resolved my issue.  In the ATI Catalyst Control Center (I’m on Catalyst Version 13.1 and Catalyst Control Center Version 2012.1219.1521.27485), I expanded My Digital Flat Panels, then chose Scaling Options (Digital Flat Panel).  My system was set at about an 8% underscan.  I merely moved the slider over to a 0% overscan and clicked apply, and I was using all of my flat panel’s real estate again.

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