Make the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office Available in Office 2016

By | February 6, 2016

I recently wiped the disk on my primary PC and installed fresh copies of Microsoft Windows 10 Professional, Microsoft Office 2016, and the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office 7.11 (using the standalone installer). I then fired up Microsoft Excel and noticed that the SAS menu item was not available:

The missing menu didn’t alarm me  – many times in the past Microsoft Office “disabled” the Add-In and I merely had to re-enable it to get my SAS menu back. In this case, however, it wasn’t even included in the Disabled Application Add-Ins in the Excel options:

I contacted SAS Technical Support, and they provided a workaround for SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office 7.11 users. The fix is very simple and takes care of the issue. Administrator privileges are required for all of the steps.

  1. Install 7.1 or 7.11 of the Add-In
  2. Rename or remove the old switcher utility file (generally located at C:\Program Files (x86)\SASHome\x86\SASAddinforMicrosoftOffice\7.1\SwitcherUtility.exe)
  3. Obtain the new 7.12 switcher utility and copy it to the location from Step 2
    [download id=”126″ format=”2″]
  4. Run switcherutility.exe resetall from the command prompt
  5. Start up Microsoft Excel and The Add-In is now available to you! You will probably be prompted to install a Hot Fix as well.

4 thoughts on “Make the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office Available in Office 2016

  1. Norman

    Do you still need to subscribe to SAS BI to enable use of the Microsoft Office plug-in?


  2. Fred Janssen Post author


    The Add-in is bundled with the BI Server or EBI Server products, so a licensed metadata server is required.


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