Locating the Log Files for the SAS 9.3 Middle Tier

By | February 23, 2013

SASI have been doing some maintenance recently on one of our SAS EBI installations and needed to review the logs generated by the middle tier.  At some point any BI administrator will have to do this, so here are the default locations, directly from SAS:

The log files for the SAS 9.3 middle tier are located in the following directories:

Application Servers

Red Hat JBoss

  • /JBoss-home-directory/server/SAS-JBoss-server/log/server.log
  • /JBoss-home-directory/server/SAS-JBoss-server/log/boot.log

Oracle WebLogic

  • If WebLogic is started as a service, a UNIX daemon, or a batch process, the location is
  • If WebLogic is started using the Node Manager, the location is

IBM WebSphere

  • /WebSphere-home-directory/AppServer/logs/server/SystemOut.log
  • /WebSphere-home-directory/AppServer/logs/server/SystemErr.log

WebDAV Server

  • SAS Content Server:

SAS Web Applications

  • SAS Admin:
  • SAS BI Dashboard:
  • SAS BI Portlets:
  • SAS BI Web Services:
  • SAS Information Delivery Portal:
  • SAS Logon Manager:
  • SAS Package Viewer:
  • SAS Preferences:
  • SAS Remote Services:
  • SAS Shared Apps:
  • SAS Stored Processes Web Application:
  • SAS Web Report Studio:
    Note: Beginning with the second maintenance release for SAS 9.3 (TS1M2), the log is named SASWebReportStudio.log
  • SAS Web Infrastructure Platform Client Access:
  • SAS Web Infrastructure Platform Services:
  • SAS Web Infrastructure Platform SOAP Services:
  • SAS Workflow Services:

In my case, I was looking for my Websphere application server logs.  And as I should have suspected, my System Admin did not have the application servers or the log directories installed in the typical locations, so I had to do a little hunting.

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