How to determine which hot fix has been applied to SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1

By | February 12, 2009

saslogo When using a Microsoft product, I’m used to mousing to the Help menu and choosing About… to find out which updates or service packs have been applied.  I haven’t been as accustomed to doing the same thing with SAS software because the updates are  applied manually, and I usually remember the last update I performed.  I haven’t been as good at keeping track of these these lately, so I decided to to use the Help –> About SAS Enterprise Guide technique to see what it told me.  Sure enough, it stated “SAS Enterprise Guide  hot fix 41EG04 has been applied”.  Alright, I have that information, but is this the latest hot fix?  The easiest way to check is to browse over to to check out the Enterprise Guide 4.1 Hot Fix history.  It appears that I was a few hot fixes behind and it is time to apply the current hot fix.  One nice feature about Enterprise Guide hot fixes: each hot fix is cumulative, so you only need to apply the latest hot fix, not worrying about the ones you missed.

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