Helllloooo Chrome!

By | December 12, 2008

chromiconFor some reason I must have had too much time on my hands, and I decided to download Google Chrome and give it a try.  Previously I used Internet Explorer and Firefox about 50/50, depending on which one I saw first in the quick launch toolbar.  Chrome installed easily and instantly, and the first web page I browsed to came up so fast I didn’t think I was finished typing the URL.  It renders pages FAST!   Others have criticized the lack of customization and features.  I find it very refreshing, and I’m sure third party plugins will flood the Internet soon.

I like Chrome so much I have made it my default browser.  I have grown to like the most visited pages on the home page, but the recent bookmarks box is useless for me, especially when I just imported bookmarks from Firefox and favorites from Internet Explorer.

I’m not a person that lives in a browser, so I haven’t collected a lot of Firefox plugins or tweaked my browsers.  I just want a slick, clean, and lean browser to render my pages fast.  Chrome does it!

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