GPS TrackMaker Version 13.6.423 Now Available

By | July 2, 2009

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GPS TrackMaker is an all-in-one mapping solution that is compatible with a wide range of GPS units.

What is new in GPS Trackmaker v. 13.6:

  • Address search in Google Maps window
  • Small changes in routine of tracklog edition
  • Fixed bug in WGS84 button in datum window
  • New version of Brazilian Detailed Map
  • Vehicle Tracking: Garmin FMI v2 implemented to be used with T3, in real-time
  • Vehicle Tracking: Complete Garmin FMI console similar to MS Outlook
  • Vehicle Tracking: Support for all type of messages.
  • Vehicle Tracking: Support for stop points
  • Vehicle Tracking: Support for driver names and status
  • Vehicle Tracking: New options to activate GPS/GPRS by events
  • Vehicle Tracking: Option to configure T2/T3 to pure data logger mode

GPS TrackMaker Features:

  • Creates, edits and deletes Tracklogs, Routes and Waypoints
  • Database with more than 280 different datums
  • The data can be stored in TXT , GTM and other formats
  • Calculates length, instantaneous and average speeds in tracklogs
  • Zoom in and Zoom out function
  • Moves the whole drawn map, only with the right button of the mouse
  • Shows on screen: the Waypoint name, comment or a comment in text box
  • Makes possible to change the background color, grad lines and Waypoints
  • Total navigation on the map image!
  • Makes possible to insert several scanned map images in the background
  • True-Grid mode
  • Recognizes PCX5, Waypoint+, MapInfo, ArcView, and other formats
  • Real Time Navigation function
  • Shows and Prints more than 190 different colored icons
  • Print in Scale
  • NMEA0183 Protocol for Real Time Navigation with others GPS models
  • Option of Name, Style and Color for Tracklogs
  • Catalog function that registers all the inserted images in GTM files
  • Autoload function of automatic loading of map images at Real Time Navigation (RTN)
  • Option to choose name, style and color of Tracklogs

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