GPS must-have: Garmin nüMaps Lifetime™

By | March 9, 2009

garmin If you are a Garmin GPS owner and have ever purchased map sets such as City Select or City Navigator, it is hard to look forward to the next version due to the upgrade expense.  Garmin has recently introduced nüMaps Lifetime™, which provides seasonal map updates for the life of your device (see qualifying list below) for the City Navigator® NT street maps for $199.99 USD.  This can easily save a user hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of the unit.

nüMaps Lifetime subscription lets you download the newest map data up to four times per year. No monthly fees or maintenance costs. It is Garmin’s most comprehensive update plan. Subscriptions are available for purchase as a download or a gift card.Compatible Garmin GPS models: GPSMAP® 60CSx, nüvi® 200, nüvi® 200W, nüvi® 205, nüvi® 205W, nüvi® 250, nüvi® 250W, nüvi® 255, nüvi® 255W, nüvi® 260, nüvi® 260W, nüvi® 265, nüvi® 265T, nüvi® 265WT, nüvi® 270, nüvi® 275T, nüvi® 285WT, nüvi® 350, nüvi® 360, nüvi® 370, nüvi® 5000, nüvi® 550, nüvi® 650, nüvi® 660, nüvi® 670, nüvi® 680, nüvi® 750, nüvi® 755T, nüvi® 760, nüvi® 765T, nüvi® 770, nüvi® 770, nüvi® 775T, nüvi® 780, nüvi® 785T, nüvi® 850, nüvi® 855, nüvi® 860, nüvi® 865T, nüvi® 880, nüvi® 885T, StreetPilot® 2820, StreetPilot® c530, StreetPilot® c550, StreetPilot® c580, zūmo® 400, zūmo® 450, zūmo® 550, and zūmo® 660.

Unfortunately for me, I have City Navigator 2008 software loaded on my GPSMap 60CSx, so it looks like I’m out of luck as far as being instantly available to upgrade to this service.  If you are like me, you’re still trying to figure out the difference between City Navigator and City Navigator NT.  According to Garmin, to take advantage of this deal I would have to first purchase a full copy of City Navigator NT, then I would qualify for nüMaps Lifetime.  That’s still a good deal if you plan on keeping your GPS for a while.

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