Garmin xImage 2.3

By | April 17, 2009

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garmin Getting a screen capture from some of the Garmin handheld mapping GPS units or PNDs isn’t as easy as it should be.  I wish there was a button on many of these units that allow me to capture a shot of my screen when I’m not connected to a computer via a USB cable.  If I need a screen shot, I have to turn my Garmin 60CSx off when I get to something interesting.  Once I get back to a computer, I have to connect via USB and quickly turn on the unit and grab the image with xImage before the screen changes.  It works, it’s free, and it’s better than nothing!  From Garmin:

xImage allows you to retrieve and update images on your GPS. For example, xImage makes it possible to get a screenshot from most GPS models. In addition, with certain newer models, xImage allows you to update some images (splash screen, waypoint symbols, etc.) with your own creations.

Garmin reports that xImage works with the following GPS units: eTrex Legend C, eTrex Legend Cx, eTrex Venture Cx, eTrex Vista C, eTrex Vista Cx, GPS 60, GPSMAP 60, GPSMAP 60C, GPSMAP 60Cx, GPSMAP 60CS, GPSMAP 60CSx, GPSMAP 76C, GPSMAP 76Cx, GPSMAP 76CS, GPSMAP 76CSx, GPSMAP 276C, GPSMAP 376C, GPSMAP 296, GPSMAP 396, StreetPilot c310, StreetPilot c320, StreetPilot c330, StreetPilot c340, StreetPilot c510, StreetPilot c550, StreetPilot i2, StreetPilot i3, StreetPilot i5, StreetPilot 2610, StreetPilot 2650, StreetPilot 2720, StreetPilot 2730, Quest, and Quest2.

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