Free up Space and Remove Activity Files on a Garmin Fitness USB Mass Storage Device

By | May 13, 2017

from the Garmin Support Site:

Current Garmin fitness mass storage products like the Edge, Forerunner, and vivoactive series, store your activities in the accessible file structure of the device. This provides a better user experience when using the device with a computer. There may be instances in which additional space is needed on the device. For example, the device memory may fill to the point a software update cannot be sent to during sync interactions with Connect Mobile, Garmin Express, or WiFi. In these circumstances, it becomes necessary to make additional space on the device.

If attempting to permanently delete activities from the device, you may need to delete the associated FIT file. Before deleting from the device, verify all activities have successfully uploaded to Garmin Connect.

To delete* Activity (FIT) files from your mass storage device, please follow the steps listed below:


  1. Plug device into computer
  2. Click Window’s Start Button
  3. Click (My) Computer
  4. Double-click Garmin device drive
  5. Double-click Garmin folder
  6. Double-click Activities folder
  7. Select file(s) you wish to delete
  8. Press Delete on keyboard
  9. Confirm that selected file(s) you wish to be deleted
  10. Complete steps 2 and 3 again
  11. Right-click on Garmin device drive
  12. Select Eject
  13. Unplug device from computer


  1. Plug device into computer
  2. Navigate to Desktop
  3. Double-click Garmin device drive
  4. Click Garmin folder
  5. Click Activities folder
  6. Select file(s) you wish to delete
  7. Drag file(s) you wish to delete to trash
  8. Click on Trash
  9. Click Finder
  10. Click Empty Trash
  11. Confirm you wish to permanently delete these items
  12. Eject the Garmin device drive
  13. Unplug device from computer

Your mass storage device will no longer display the data you have deleted.

If you are using a vivoactive HR and receiving an error when trying to sync or update the device, please delete the O_FILE.ERR file as it may be taking up the majority of space.

* Note: Use CAUTION when deleting. Do NOT delete unknown files outside of the Activities folder; deleting wrong files from your mass storage device can cause adverse performance issues.

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