Forward Emails to Multiple Addresses with cPanel

By | February 22, 2012

I had an email address that was set up for a group of users in my organization.  I wanted forward incoming email that was sent to that address to all of the individuals in the group.  I initially logged into cPanel (11.30.6),  browsed to the Mail section, and chose Forwarders.  I chose Add Forwarder, but the Destination only provides a single-line text box for input.  Because of that, I assumed that I could only forward from a single address to a single email address.  To accomplish the task, I chose to create a mailing list in cPanel, which did the job, but also required all of the issues of maintaining a mailing list.

Recently I needed to create another group email address and I was determined to find a more elegant approach than using a mailing list.  I dove back into cPanel and just began adding forwarders using the same Address to Forward, but changing the Destination for all of the individuals in a group.  I sent some test emails to ensure that it worked, and it did.  The problem was solved, but it sure seemed like an odd implementation in the cPanel interface.  Subsequently I Googled this situation, and came across a blog post stating that in the background cPanel actually creates a single forward entry within the operating system.  So it doesn’t look pretty, but it is efficient.  Maybe in the next version of cPanel they will provide a multi-line text box for the forwarding destination to make forwarding to multiple email addresses more straightforward.

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