Fix for a [SanitizingRequestFilter] error in the SAS Information Delivery Portal

By | September 24, 2014

saslogo.gifI recently deployed the SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Server on a brand-new AIX LPAR.  During my validation of the platform, I created a new stored process portlet and added it to my home page.  My test portlet then displayed the following error:

Error 500: javax.servlet.ServletException: Filter [SanitizingRequestFilter]: could not be initialized.

Here’s how it looked in the portlet:

9-24-2014 6.43.16 AM

I searched for the error at and found a Problem Note about an error very similar to mine.  This error can arise when SAS BI portlets (the stored process portlet is one of these) are deployed to a WebSphere application server.  During the configuration phase of my deployment, I specified that SAS should automatically deploy the web applications to WebSphere.  Configuration did complete successfully, creating two WebSphere profiles and an application server (SASServer1), and deploying all of the web applications.  An important file for the SAS BI portlets (sas.portlet.container.runtime.extensions.jar) did not get copied to WebSphere, however, and required manual intervention.

The fix is easy enough:

  1. Stop the SASServer1 application server
  2. Using the SAS installer account, copy the sas.portlet.container.runtime.extensions.jar file from the [SASCONFIG-DIR]/Lev1/Web/Staging/Exploded/sas.biportlets4.X.ear/lib directory to the [WEBSPHERE-HOME]/lib directory of the IBM WebSphere Application Server
  3. Start SASServer1

I logged back in to the Information Delivery Portal and my stored process portlet was happy and ready for a stored process:
A happy stored process portlet
Here are a couple of notes from the Problem Note:

  • These manual steps are required because of a limitation in the WebSphere application server
  • In UNIX operating environments, the JAR file must be copied using the same account that is used to install the WebSphere application server

SAS also provided a more time consuming fix which fixes the issue in the Problem Note if someone preferred to use the WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console.

I have run into this issue in versions,, and of WebSphere.  I am running SAS EBI 9.3 Maintenance Release 2 with BI portlets 4.3.  I would also like to note that the steps I listed above were also included in the Instructions.html document located at [SASCONFIG-DIR]/Lev1/Documents directory in my environment.  It is created after a successful installation and configuration of the EBI environment.

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