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By | March 5, 2015

RuntasticThis post is essentially a “retweet” of the awesome post by Favo. It is so good that I wanted to capture it in my notebook as well.

Runtastic has the best activity tracking app for Windows Phone 8+ by far in my opinion.  Works awesome, great music, tracks well – everything you want. Their web site is really cool as well. You can live track other Runtastic users across the world.

Unfortunately Runtastic has the same issue as another activity site that I used to use, MapMyRide. They do not allow you to export your workouts. Once uploaded, there is no way to do anything else with them. Actually, there are ways to export MapMyRide workouts one at a time at http://mapmyridetcxexport.azurewebsites.net/ and http://www.mikepalumbo.com/MMRConverter/index.php. I used Mike Palumbo’s site to painstakingly export over 400 rides.

Favo wrote a little code to export a year of Runtastic workouts as a batch! To do it, just click on the Activities link and click on a year. Then open up a JavaScript console (in Chrome, the key combination Ctrl+Shift+J) and paste in the following code and hit Enter:

var links = []; $('.type > a').each ( function () {
} )
setInterval(function () {
    if ( !links.length) { return; }
    var link = links.shift();
    link += '.tcx';
    var newFrame = document.createElement('iframe');
    newFrame.style = 'width: 1px; height: 1px;';
    newFrame.src = link;
}, 500);

It is truly amazing how great this works. I had 200 walking activities in 2014, and they downloaded in about 2 minutes. I have also used this script in Mozilla Firefox and it works just as well. I have not tested it in other browsers.

4 thoughts on “Export All Activities from Runtastic as .tcx

    1. Fred Janssen Post author

      I can still successfully export in Chrome using this technique. One thing to watch out for: When you submit the code by hitting enter, a popup window will appear asking if you want to download multiple files. Click “allow” to begin the downloads. I haven’t tried it lately with Firefox because, well, does anyone even use that anymore?

  1. Frank Furter

    Worked with Firefox, however it attempted to download every activity as a separate file. Didn’t enjoy the 100+ save as dialog boxes.

    Not to seem ungrateful….just sayin’

    This makes me think Runtastic shouldn’t be getting my business anymore. I need backups, and the ability to analyze my data without constant nagging for premium upgrades. Thanks for the post, though!

  2. Fred Janssen Post author

    Thanks for the input Frank! I just tested the technique in Microsoft Edge and it works fine there as well. You could have checked the “Do this automatically for files like this from now on” check box so all of the .tcx files downloaded without presenting the Save As dialog boxes. After download, you could then go back to the Firefox options and check “Always ask me where to save files”.

    I agree with you that sites like Runtastic should allow us to batch import/export OUR data. That is one of the reasons I left MapMyRide. I am still a premium member of Runtastic though because they have the best app for Windows Phones out there.


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