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Undo an Action in Microsoft Excel with the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office Installed

By | June 29, 2010

Even though we have Maintenance Release 2 installed on our SAS clients, we will still get undo problems in Excel.  Here is one more step that needs to be performed: The issue described in SAS Note 36601: Cannot undo changes in Microsoft Excel when the SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office is installed can be fixed… Read More »

Sending SAS Enterprise Guide Data to Microsoft Excel

By | May 1, 2010

A strong point of SAS Enterprise Guide is that it interacts seamlessly with many data types using the Microsoft Jet Engine (Excel .xls, Access .mdb, dBase .dbf, Lotus.wk?, Paradox .db, and text files .txt .csv etc).  To provide even more flexibility, there are also a few different ways in Enterprise Guide to output data to… Read More »

SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1 Hotfix 41EG14 Available

By | April 10, 2010

SAS recently released Hotfix 41EG14 for Enterprise Guide 4.1.  The hotfix resolves issues identified in: Problem Note 39149: The SAS Enterprise Guide editor’s width of caret position panel within the status bar does not accommodate for large row and column number schemes Problem Note 38003: Unable to edit existing parameter in SAS® Enterprise Guide® [download… Read More »

Add Leading Zeroes to SAS Data

By | October 6, 2009

You probably have many SAS data sets that you regularly work with where numbers are stored as text for formatting purposes.  A great example is the social security number, and many other customer, product, or invoice numbers are formatted similarly.  They frequently utilize leading zeros in their storage and display.  You probably also frequently receive… Read More »

SAS OLAP Server Names

By | October 5, 2009

SAS OLAP Server names for cubes, dimensions, hierarchies, measures, and member properties follow these general rules: can be up to 32 characters in length can contain embedded blanks If the name has embedded blanks or characters other than letters of the Latin alphabet, numbers, or underscores, then PROC OLAP formats the name as a name… Read More »

Quickly Comment and Uncomment SAS Code

By | June 24, 2009

I attended SAS Programming 3: Advanced Techniques and Efficiencies training recently at the SAS’ Austin Training Center.  Programming 3 demonstrates many ways to make your SAS code and programs more efficient, but I also picked up one tidbit that makes coding and testing even easier.  When using the enhanced editor, to create comments in your… Read More »

The Best Conversion Utility: Convert

By | April 22, 2009

[download id=”13″ format=”2″] Here is a utility that I have used for a long time.  Convert does exactly what the name suggests: converts just abbout any unit of measure in an easy, straightforward way.  The program is small and fast.  Highly recommended. from Convert is a free and easy to use unit conversion program… Read More »

GPSBabel 1.3.6

By | March 31, 2009

[download id=”6″ format=”2″] I just used this software this morning to merge three tracks together in a .gpx file.  Works great!  I now want to try the .gpx to .kml conversion features.  It supports a HUGE list of formats. from GPSBabel lets you move data between popular GPS systems such as those from Garmin,… Read More »

Environmental/Natural Resource Tools for ArcPad

By | March 27, 2009

[download id=”5″ format=”2″] This suite of tools, located on a single toolbar, allows environmental, agriculture and other natural resource field workers to make sampling grids, calculate statistics for field data attributes, select which layers should be editable and navigate to specific field locations using ArcPad. The tools download includes a read_me.txt file containing installation instructions… Read More »