Add a Leading Zero to the Track Number in a .mp3 File Name with MediaMonkey

By | August 28, 2013

Media MonkeyIn my music collection that resides on my media center PC (no iTunes to be found), I prefer that the name of the files include the track number with a leading zero (if it is a single-digit track number) and the title of the song.  An example of this format would look like this:

04 Children Of The Grave.mp3

I use Media Monkey to manage my music collection, and MediaMonkey provides a couple of ways to edit the names of mp3 files.  The basic way is to drill down to a track within the library, then click the particular file name and begin editing.   The method I use is the Auto-Organize Files facility that is available under the Tools menu, by right-clicking one or more tracks, or by using the Ctrl+R key combination.  Once the Auto-Organize Files window is open, you have the option to set the target directory for the tracks as well as edit the file names.  File names can be generated by MediaMonkey based on tags associated with the track.  This assumes that you have already created all of the relevant tags in your music library.  MediaMonkey makes it very easy to add tags to your music – just select a song or an album, and from the Tools menu choose Auto-Tag from Web.  From there, MediaMonkey matches your songs with a database (Amazon), and downloads the tags and album art automatically.

By default the Auto-Organize Files facility includes the <Track#> field.  <Track#> is an integer and does not include a leading zero, so I needed a different tag to format <Track#> with the leading zero.  A Google search provided the tag I was looking for: <Track#:2>.  To build the file naming structure that I mentioned above, I configured the Auto-Organize Files facility to use the following syntax:

.\<Track#:2> <Title>

The .\ tells MediaMonkey to use the current directory, and I also have a space between the track number and title.

So now when I purchase new albums, I use a 4-step process to integrate them for use in MediaMonkey or Plex:

  1. copy the files to the appropriate artist/album directory on my Media Center PC
  2. in MediaMonkey, Add/Rescan files to the Library facility to import the new tracks to the MediaMonkey library
  3. select the album and use the Auto-Tag from Web facility to add tags
  4. select all of the tracks in the album and use the Auto-Organize Files facility to rename the mp3 files in a consistent manner

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