ActiveX Graphs not Active in SAS Information Delivery Portal when Viewed with Internet Explorer

By | June 30, 2009

SAS Institute Inc.We are still running Internet Explorer version 6.0 in our organization.  When we open our dashboards that we have built in SAS Information Delivery Portal 1.1, the ActiveX graphs do not display detail information when we mouse over them.  The dashboards are running stored processes that output the graphs.  The easy solution is to left-click on the graph to activate it.  This is easy enough if you have one or two graphs on a page, but some of our dashboards include six or seven graphs, which isn’t hard either, it just leaves you thinking that you shouldn’t have to be doing it.  The graphs work perfectly when using Mozilla Firefox, which unfortunately is not our organization standard.  The problem is caused by one or more security patches that Microsoft has made available for Internet Explorer.  SAS Usage Note 17565 explains this in more detail:

Usage Note 17565: ACTIVEX, JAVA, and JAVAMETA graphs may not be active by default when displayed via Internet Explorer

After application of one or more Microsoft security patches/updates, ACTIVEX, JAVA, and JAVAMETA graphs are no longer active by default when displayed via Internet Explorer. This means that the pop-up options menu will not display when you right-mouse button on the graph.

The Microsoft security patches related to this issue include KB912812 and KB912945.

To activate the graph, left-mouse click on the graph. This will activate the current graph and enable use of the right-mouse button. Once the graph is active, flyover data tips will also now display correctly.

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