We had a new project which required the manual configuration of the SAS middle tier to utilize TLS (Transport Layer Security , a successor protocol to SSL). These environments were SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Server 9.4M4 deployments. With each new maintenance release, SAS has simplified the automatic and manual configuration of encryption services. SAS Documentation suggests using the Deployment Wizard to automatically configure HTTPS and TLS during the configuration phase of a new deployment or upgrade. Unfortunately we already had fully-deployed 9.4M4 environments, so we had to do the configuration manually. This reconfiguration isn’t a complex process, but there are many configuration files to edit and a lot of clicks in SAS Management Console to achieve the desired result. After learning some shortcuts performing the change in our development environment, I was able to reconfigure the production environment in about an hour. SAS has documented this process in the SAS Intelligence Platform: Middle-Tier Administration Guide.

One other step was required for us after the HTTPS reconfiguration was complete. Our reporting environment was accessed using a link on the company intranet. We worked with the webmaster to update the URL and port in the intranet page, but we still had thousands of end users who had the old URL saved as a favorite in Internet Explorer. Instead of asking users to update their favorites, we chose to automatically redirect redirect web traffic from HTTP to HTTPS .

The solution couldn’t have been easier to implement. All we had to do was edit the SAS Web Server httpd.conf configuration file. My deployment is on AIX, so the file was located on the middle tier server at
SAS-configuration-directory/Lev1/Web/WebServer/conf/httpd.conf. I added to following lines to the file:

# Forward HTTP Requests to HTTPS
 RewriteEngine On
 RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
 RewriteRule ^/?(.*) https://%{SERVER_NAME}:8343/$1 [R,L]

and I also edited the following line:

Listen Localhost:7980

and changed it to

Listen server-IP-address:7980

Be sure mod_rewrite is getting loaded, meaning the following line is not commented out: 

LoadModule rewrite_module "SAS-home-directory/SASWebServer/9.4/httpd-2.2/modules/mod_rewrite.so"

I restarted the web server, and the web traffic was redirected as expected.

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